About Us

BSIS is an officially listed society in the Bangor Students' Union of the Bangor University in North Wales, UK. It is a society open to all Muslim and non-Muslim students to engage in different religious, sports, fun and educational events with other societies and the Bangor community.
     Our Mission
  • Promote brotherhood and sisterhood amongst the muslims as well as friendship with other fellow students and the community as a whole through joint events
  • Increase the awareness of Islam -the last revelation to all humanity- in the local community
  • A ground for any student to share educational and market knowledge, research studies, and different practices of any speciality with all fellow students
  • Ensure the wellbeing of muslim students in Bangor University and assist them to help achieve their educational objectives successfully



    Society Committee Members   

                             President: Faisal Abdulrahman

Secretary: Isa Ashworth

                             e-mai: isashworth_1992@hotmail.com
Treasurer: Hazem Al-sheikh 
e-mail:     hazem@bsis.org.uk