About Islam

Is a trilateral of the word Salam, which literally means 'peace'.
It also means the total submission, or surrender of oneself to God and his will
through believing in the six Islamic faith beliefs and fulfilling the five pillars of Islam.
It is the religion of the last revelation sent to all humanity "the Quran"
through the last Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him.

The six Islamic faith beliefs
  • The oneness of God
  • Gods Angels
  • Gods Revelations (books) -- e.g. Tourah, Zabour, Bible, and Quran 
  • Gods Messengers and Prophets  -- e.g Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and Muhammad peace be upon them all
  • The day of Judgment
  • Predestination & Divine Decree

The five pillars of Islamic

  • Bear witness that there is no God but God and that the Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God
  • Praying the 5 daily prayers
  • Paying the Zakat (fix rate of wealth annually as charity)
  • Fasting the holy month of Ramadan
  • Performing the Hajj pilgrimage